The Honeymoon ... another day

How do you measure your worth?  Is it in the amount of money you earn, is it in the amount of things you collect, is it the number of people you know?  How do you measure your worth?
If I had to measure my worth according to the amount of money I earn then to be honest I am worthless, the money that I have received in the past couple of months is shocking and it really is difficult to get out of bed with a big smile and face the day.  We all are so used to getting up, getting dressed and walking into a smart office and knowing that the end of this month I would be earning in the thousands of Rands.
Today I came to realise that I cannot be measured by my earning, it is so little my husband said that it would not even cover the groceries for the month.  I am worth so much more but the economy and work that is availalbe in Witbank doesn't allow for more.
Chin up and I will face the world even though I dont earn what I used to, I am worth so much more and thank the Lord Jesus that I have a husband who loves me and stands by me.  I can face this day with a smile and give my best until something better comes along.  So world you may think I am not worth much but I am sure that I am worth so much more and when the time is right, God will lift me up and let me stand on the mountain again.  I am worth more than you can ever imagine.

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