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Changing my mind to change my destiny

1 Thessalonian 5 : 18  In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God ... for you!

Changing self speech

I tend to speak to myself and tell myself how rotten and bad I am and that I am just not good enough.  It just made me feel more depressed and really worthless.  I then started confessing the word of God into my life.

I remind myself constantly "I am the righteousness of God in Christ, that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.  Only goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.
Stop saying "I cant"

In Philippians 4: 13 I remind myself that I can do all things through Christ which strenghteneth me.

No more I cant, I can and I do, not 100% but still I can do it.  Even when I feel a little scared I do it.  Believing that the Lord Jesus will help me.
Stop confessing lack

Philippians 4: 19 says that my God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  I am not broke ..... no I am out of pocket.

Thanking the Lord Jesus

I now r…

Supernatural Favour

2 Corinthians 4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.
Through confession and speaking the Word of God into my life I have no struck a nerve.  It seems by my confessions the devil really feels threatened and I am facing some really interesting obstacles.  This week I started my day of by confessing “I am the righteousness of God in Christ, no weapon formed against me will prosper and only goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.” 
The interesting thing that actually got my attention is my cell phone crashed, the memory on the phone just all of a sudden gave in.  I took it for repairs and guess what?  Hmm you are right it’s broken again.  I almost cried today because it is my means of communication with my children and family. 
Just to sort of top my day, I have taken some plants out to be replanted and the person that moved the lawn just moved over the plants pretending to think its w…

Getting into the 'Flow' of things

Ezekiel 3: 23
23 ‘The hand of the LORD was upon me there, and he said to me, “Get up and go out to the plain, and there I will speak to you.”  So I got up and went out to the plain.  And the Glory of the LORD was standing there, like the glory I had seen by the Kebar River, and I fell facedown.’
With 2016 just in sight I am really excited for a brand New Year with great opportunities.  Just like you I believe that 2016 is going to be a year of opportunities and blessings I cannot imagine.  
I will complete my book and it will be published, I believe God will help me write it.  I also believe that this year I will get into the flow of things.  God will help me get into the flow and that will mean that I will go out into the plain to speak with the Lord my God.
I am expecting to hear from God and I want to obey Him.  It is my heart’s desire to work hard, do the best I can and most of all improve on my attitude.
Abba Father in humbleness Lord I come before You today submitting my …

Hearing God's Voice

Jesus told her, “I am the one who raises the dead and gives them life again. Anyone who believes in me, even though he dies like anyone else, shall live again.  John 11:25TLB As I am sure you also want to hear God’s voice and know what it is that God wants you to do.  I have been thinking about this question and to my mind I believe God still speaks to me on a daily basis.  When I was young I know God spoke to me in an audible voice.  I feel so sad that I missed the word He had for me as I was still na├»ve and without insight.
Growing older is the best teacher in time and I realise that when I want to know something I go into my bedroom close the door and pray.  Many a time I don’t get an answer straight away but I do feel at ease and relax after speaking to the Lord about the problem.
I was thinking about the question of how I can hear God’s voice.  It struck me that I still hear Gods voice but not on a conventional way.  I realised that God speaks to me through dreams, I seem to drea…

Learning to NOT be so critical

There are a couple of attributes each of us have and one of the most difficult ones to get rid of is ‘being critical’ of other people. 
Dealing with a critical attitude is really difficult in the sense that you need to watch what you say to people and how you approach each situation.  I don’t really know how I landed up being so critical of people but I can spot someone’s issues long before they realise it.  I seem to have the ability to see their faults and then zone in on them.  Making it my business to make sure they know I know about their problems.
# 1       think before you speak
This seems easy enough but when you really take the time to think before you speak you will  get to a place of acceptance.  Accepting who you are and accepting who the other person is. #2           stop being ego centred
As a child I was taught that 1st is 1st and 2nd is nothing.  So I seem to make it my business to be in front.  I feel left out and terrible when I am pushed aside, my ego tells me I …

Lord Jesus is Born

A voice is being heard in the market square, Caesar Augustus has issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.  Each person needs to go to his own town to register.  As the crowds gathered to hear the message being proclaimed Joseph stood near the end of the market listening.  It was really interesting times; this would be the first census that will be taking place while Quirinius is governor of Syria.
Standing listing to the conversations of the people in the street at the Market Place, Joseph turned around and headed back home.  He needed prepare for their long trip from Nazareth in Galilee to Judea.  He walked over to Mary and they sat down under the tree in the back yard. 
“Mary how are you my love?”  Joseph greeted Mary by taking her hand lovingly into his own, placing a kiss on her hand.
“I am fine, what brings you here this morning?”  Mary answered Joseph.
“Caesar Augustus has issued a decree that a census be taken of the entire Roman world and we …

Dream Big

It is my heart’s desire and yearning to travel overseas, I so want to travel to Israel and walk where the Lord Jesus walked.  I so want to go and see the different landmarks.  After travelling to Israel I would like to go to Egypt and also to America and not forgetting about England and Australia, this is my Big Big dream.
I think the Lord has given me the yearning and passion to write and it is my big dream to write a best-selling Daily Devotion.  It is my yearning and passion that what I write will impact people all over the world ~ not for the accolades of being a best-seller but so that I may be a vessel the Lord used to spread the word of God.

My hopes and dreams are to leave a legacy for my children and my grandchildren.  I want them to have something to build on going forward in their own lives.  I want my entire family to love the Lord and all to be saved.

# 5 Mind Changing Tactics

# 1 Stay Positive
Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is pray and in my prayers I say thank you Lord for a new day.  While I still lie in my bed I think of the day ahead of me and dedicate each member in my family into Gods Hand. Staying Positive is one of my basic needs and requirements for each day, I read my daily devotion and focus on a passage to help me turn to the Lord when I feel hurt, distressed or disappointed. Verse I focus on:  Isaiah 30: 18 ‘Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion.  For the LORD is a God of justice.  Blessed are all who wait for him!’ # 2 Get dressed The most basic thing to do to stay focused on changing your mind set, you need to do normal day-to-day things.  Just because you are retired, a stay at home mom, student does not mean you should stay in your pyjama’s all day long.  No, take a shower, wash your hair, brush your teeth and dress for the day. I feel better once I have done my hair, dressed into m…