Saturday evening

Not sure about your live but I feel I have a very busy live and I run around all day.  We woke up this morning with the frontdoor bell ringing.  I walked to the frontdoor opened it and there was my maid, Elina.  Good morning, she said.  I greeted here and she came in.  I walked to the kitchen and switched on the kettle to make some coffee.  The kids were running around and Lady chasing after them, Dawie also came in and as usual marked the wall at the beginning of the passage.  Andus was furious and gave him a spanking.  He ran out side crying and I went into the bedroom, pulled off all the bedding as it is time for a wash.  Took a nice hot shower and Lady came into the bathroom.  Andus gave her to me, I put her under the shower and washed her too.  She hates the water but her hair is so long it needs washing regularly.  After I washed her I gave her to Andus and he passed her onto Alex to dry her.  I got out of the shower and got dressed.  Running around clean here and there, made the bed.  Andus brought me the think warm blanket and placed it on the bed.  Tonight we will be sleeping in a nice warm bed, it sure is cold in this place.
We went into town and done some banking business, I am going to start an art class on Tuesday so my life is really busy.  I am excited and looking forward to this new venture in my life. 
I phoned mommy and had a chat to her, I phoned Odette and had a chat with her and I am happy.  Tomorrow is mothers day, I will phone mommy again and chat to her.  So, this is another day in my life.  hmmm

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