Don't live in regret

2 Corinthians 7
The Voice (VOICE)

10 Now this type of deep sorrow, godly sorrow, is not so much about regret; but it is about producing a change of mind and behaviour[b] that ultimately leads to salvation. But the other type of sorrow, worldly sorrow, often is fleeting and only brings death.

God can change each one of our life’s around so that we will start looking at it in a new light, regrets of past sins and many time this can bring about deep sorrow, a godly sorrow so much so as to make us come to repent our sins and change our minds and behaviour which in turn will lead us ultimately to salvation.  By ignoring our sins and not going the root of repentance and making a decision.  We end-up with feeling of sorrow; this type of sorrow not really feeling bad enough about it!  We start justifying our situations and stance.  In the end we die and leave this life without a repentant heart and end-up ultimately in hell.

My sorrow is truly deep and I know there are many things I regret and most of all I have prayed about each of the things I regret doing.  I can only trust in the Lord my God and know that I am saved by faith in Jesus Christ and my life is in God’s hands right now.  Knowing only God is able to open and shut doors for me, not even rich people are in that position.

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