Testing’s can be relay difficult and very hurtful


O my God, You test the heart and delight when it is proven faithful, so I, with an honest heart, have willingly offered all these things. And now I have joyfully witnessed Your people, who are present here, make their offerings willingly and joyously to You. (The Voice)

Lord thank You for being in control over my life.  This morning I dedicated my heart into Your hands asking that You would test my heart so that I may be useful to You and then the person closest and dearest to me says hurtful things.  I really took offense but I pray please Lord will you help me get over this difficult time.  I really do want You to search my heart and it would be great if I was proven faithful and a delight to You.  I don’t know what my heart must look like to You but as Your child draw me closer to You Lord in Jesus Name Amen

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