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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Rustic living – Antiek Sjiek

Well hello, I was fortunate to travel with my husband to work one day and he drives a lot.  We drove from Witbank to Ermelo but went through Hendrina.  Now believe me when I tell you they have a very quaint little Coffee Shop “Antiek Sjiek”.

My husband tells me that this is “The Coffee Shop” to visit when and if you are travelling through Hendrina.  So needless to say we stopped early on our way to Ermelo and took a break.  On entering the Old house we were greeted by a sweet young African woman.  She was friendly and showed us around.  Walking through the old house we saw many old antique artifacts.

I loved all the beautiful tea sets on display, which by the way are for sale.  We took a tour of the old house and then into the back yard we were greeted by a beautiful old car.  Walking around there were some old bicycles and then we went into another little shop full of the most interesting handcrafts.  My husband felt in necessary to buy some fudge which by the way was awesome.

Taking our seats we were promptly served, a young African lady approached us and took our order.  While we were enjoying the lovely surroundings we waited for our coffee. 

Ha ha to my surprise my darling husband received his Coffee in a chipped mug and my Cappuccino was in a nice cup and source with a nice warm chocolate muff.  What an experience, it was different and really pleasant. 

So do yourself a favor, whenever you find yourself in Hendrina make a point of stopping at the “Antiek Sjiek” Coffee shop.  You won’t regret it.

Rust Bucket Chronicles - Book Review

Book Review:                                 Rust Bucket Chronicles
Author:                                            Ted Blasche
Personal Quality Rating:                 4            
Reviewer:                                        Yvette van Niekerk (South Africa)


The story is about the Rusty Buckley, a young man who joined the army in NewArk another planet. Some writing about the army and the base and what they experience, if you are a guy I think you would enjoy that, and then a strange thing happens there is attempt to kill Queen Arrabella.

It’s clear that Rysty has always dream of joining the Third Rifles and now things are going his way.  A change of events bring him into a Garbassas where he needs to fight giant lizards.  Tee hee great fun, exciting and exhilarating.  

The story’s based around the army as many weapons and army tactics are used in the story.

Social / Historical Context:

A page turner and the science fiction are interesting I enjoyed the read.  Many exciting stuff that happens in the swamp and there are some interesting characters in the story.
An experience I never had before and it was interesting to see how the author got the things in place.  I like the giant lizards and the action around it.

Writing Style:

The writing style to my mind is evocation.  The writer definitely enjoyed the military thing, I don’t know what experience he has but it seems he is knowledgeable on that area.  He enjoyed writing the story and had a lot of interesting ideas.  I could imagine many of the places and it was almost realistic at times.    

My Thoughts:

I felt sorry for Rust in the beginning of the story he had been through a lot but thank goodness life changes and people get some exciting breaks.

My science fiction stories are growing it seems, people in general have an extraordinary imagination, it was fun, I think people that like something different than your day to day love story will enjoy this book.  A change from all the drama and some action is always good.  I think this was a good read.

In short

I believe the story is based on the military and that type of thing. I think of the weapons and the training and the implementation of strategy are important to the story.  Rusty Buckley - young chap that get a great break and then starts to fulfil his dream, and not the forgetting the attempt on the life of their Queen Arrabella.  Also something not to be missed is the giant lizards …. Wow the trip into Garbassas was interesting.  I thought the senses were believable and I think the author is creative and has away with words.  As the story evolves in each stage the story grows interesting and ends well.  I like the read.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Are you Craving God?

Matthew 6:33

King James Version (KJV)

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
I have been thinking about this verse and to be honest I wonder how often I really was 'seeking the kingdom of God'?  My passion is obviously for the Lord.  It has been said that I cannot speak to people without bringing the Lord into the conversation.  With the result in that people steer clear of me and my conversations.  When we go somewhere I like to say grace before we have something to eat.  It stresses other people out.
Now I am wondering by doing all that I do, am I truly 'seeking the kingdom of God'?
The latest thing that is on my mind is to draw near to the Lord, but how?  I have now decided to do things differently, I am now praying that the Holy Spirit work through me, so that I do not offend other people.
So I hope that you and I can be looking to the Lord, please guide me and help me in seeking You Lord.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Grobelarsdal Limpopo South Africa

Good morning, rise and shine today we are going to Grobelarsdal, a trip to an office to go and see to some computers.  I am so excited, I have prepared something for the road, coffee and sandwiches.  Just waiting in anticipation to leave the house with my husband.

Departing at 09:23 am

We are on our way to the beautiful country town Grobelarsdal.  It is a lovely warm cloudy day, so far the roads are quiet and not too much traffic.  My husband is taking a leisurely drive, not driving like a maniac since I have not seen this part of the country.  So his driving speed doesn’t exceed 100 km per hour which is lovely.

First Stop – Loskop Dam

We had to stop at “Die Voetpadkloof Resort” they are blasting up ahead, the roads are being made wider so more cars can travel through here.  It is now 10:35 and we are waiting at the stop and go.  While we are waiting I saw an opportunity to take some pictures. Back on the road .... We waited for approximately 10 minutes and are now on our way to the town, we passed the beautiful Loskop Dam and Andus stopped so I can take a couple of pictures.  Well I suppose a dam is a dam.  It is quiet and I walked up and down to see for the best photos.  Well I hope you can enjoy the view.  It sure feels like I am on vacation.

Driving through the country

As we were driving I asked Andus if there were any baboon around?  My words were even cold when we passed two baboons a huge male and female.  We couldn’t stop to take a picture because of the traffic and driving in a one way direction.  I was so excited hoping to see more but unfortunately we did not see any more.  I know there were so many a long time ago but seems their numbers have dwindled.

Distell Trade Xpress

We arrived at Distell Trade Xpress at 11:45 I sat in the car and took out my book.  The sun is now beating down on the car, it sure is hot around 21 degrees.  Hmm I opened a couple of windows, oops not such a good idea, a whirlwind came brushing up against the car.  Thankfully I could close my window otherwise I would have been covered in dust. 

While I was waiting I took the liberty of reading my book.  It is nice and quiet and I love sitting in the warm car.  I then decided to have me a nice cup of coffee.  Poured myself a cup and just as I got comfortable here comes my husband.  Job done, we are on our way. 

As we drive off he tells me that not too many days ago an elderly man was shot dead right where I was sitting in the car.  The ladies inside of the building thought I was taking a huge risk by sitting outside.  My husband told them I am not afraid of anything, I always say ‘bring it on brother’.  Hmm, I didn’t know I may have gone inside instead.  But thank the Lord I am fine.  Back on the road ...

We drove and then came to the intersection of the stop and go.  It was 14:25 and a man came walking down the long line of cars.  I just want to let you know that you will be waiting here for the next 3 hours.  Ah, you can’t be serious.  He was, we sat in the hot boiling car for 3 hours.  They were blasting again and they needed to pick up all the rocks that came of the mountain.  It was a tedious job but after the 3 hours we got back onto the road.  Oh well this is South Africa and we need relax we live according to African time.

Survival kit

I must tell you what a cute and helpful ‘Survival Kit’ my children received from Sunday school.  I thought this was so sweet and really something all of us could use in our own lives.


This item is used to see whether you can see the good in other people and hold onto it with all you’re might.  Look past their mistakes and view them with new eyes.  We all have bad days and sometimes it is hard to move on.  Perhaps something happened and your best friend spoke to you and said something to hurt your feelings.  They may be struggling with something and never meant to say hurtful things to you but it slipped out.  Don’t let that spoil your friendship, look for what you know is good and hold onto it.  People in general are good.

Rubber band – Elastic

When you look at an elastic or rubber band notice that it can stretch, you can pull on it and twist it just as you please.  It is always flexible.  So let me ask you why don’t you start being flexible in your own life.  Yes we tend to be set in our ways – boring lets accommodate our family and friends.  Let things slide you don’t always have to be right and you don’t always have to get your way. 


Keep in mind its not only you that is hurting about something in your own life.  There are other people that are also struggling with something hurtful.  You know, they may be struggling with finances, they may be struggling with a broken heart.  Someone close to them passed away.  When you are hurt sometimes you can be nasty.  Try and stop that and be kinder, this causes people to reciprocate.


Be thankful, write down all your blessings.  Think about it, you can see, you can read, you can write, you can speak, you are healthy, you have food to eat, you have clothes to wear, you have small change in your pocket.  You may be blessed with a great or normal job.  You have an income, you can support yourself.  You can spend time on the internet.  I have mentioned but only a few you must have so much more.  Thank You Lord.


We all make mistakes, take your eraser and erase all the mistakes you made and your friends and family.  I don’t know one perfect person in my own life, yes we do think we are perfect but guess what we all make mistakes.  Keep in mind you are not perfect.  Give people a second chance, one day someone will give you that second chance.  Don’t always keep on being a record keeper of bad, it does come back to you.  So release it, erase it and let it go.  You will bless someone and in the long run it will be a blessing in your own life.


Preserver – you have to – don’t give up, life is so wonderful, you might be in a bad spot – hey don’t be scared it will pick-up again.  We can all get out of this pit.  Preserver – keep a little stone in your pocket and rub it when you feel you just cannot go on.  Never please never give up, God loves you.


Don’t forget each one of us are so important and precious to the Lord.  You are so precious, God made you for a reason.  Your purpose is to comfort or bless someone.  Don’t miss out on life and think you don’t mean a thing.  You mean the world to me.  You mean the world to the Lord – Jesus died on the cross for your sins and mine.  We are precious to Him. 


Hmm you must agree marshmallows taste so good in our Milo or Coffee.  Hmm it soft and smells so good.  When next you see a marshmallow remember that everybody needs a hug.   I wish I could give you a hug, I also need to get a hug at times.  I think it is important to have a hug each day it makes me feel loved.


Put your feet up, take a break and relax.  I must be honest I am still struggling to relax.  I have been married for 4 years to a great man.  Constantly telling me relax, still I struggle with relaxing.  I am better but boy I cannot sit and do nothing.  I feel too guilty at not being busy and working.  I think I need a cup of tea, put my feet up and sit and relax.  Come and relax with me.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

“On the Road Again” One Direction

“On the Road Again” One Direction

Jean and Tamzin went to Lory Park with the Anabelle and Riley his nice and her son.  They returned later on Sunday afternoon to get ready to go to the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.  One Direction “On the Road again” tour was in town and Jean wanted to treat Tamzin to see the pop boy band. 

Imagine sitting in one of the suites alongside the stage waiting in anticipation for the Artists Boy Band all the way from England-Ireland to appear on the stage.  Naill Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction make their appearance on the stage.  At that very moment the young girls start screaming which filled the whole stadium.  According to reports from my son Jean the pitch was ‘WOW’.

One Directions stage performance was excellent and my son said they sang songs for two hours non-stop. 

Being older my son said that it was plain to see that the target market group for the Boy Band was for young teenage girls.  As a man he thought that these young ladies were dressed a little skimpy and thinking if they were his daughters they would not leave the house.  I thought that was sweet because he felt that there clothing was so skimpy.  He tells me that they wore shorts too short.  I still cannot imagine how short too short must look.

Because they sat in one of the suites next to the stage they had the vantage point of seeing the show at its best.

The One Direction Boy band is on their way to Cape Town to ‘wow’ the young people in the city.  What an exciting life style these young people lead, they have opportunities we as older people never could dream of.  How awesome to attend an international Band touring in South Africa.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mpumalanga - Witbank to Carolina (150 km apart)

Good morning! Today 30 March 2015 I am going on a road trip with my husband.  He is taking me along to enjoy the country with him.  He needs to go to Carolina which is 150 kilometers away from Witbank in Mpumalanga, South Africa.  Now believe it or not I have never been in Carolina so this is going to be an experience for me.

I made us some peanut butter and jam sandwiches and some coffee.  Its 08h00 am and we are just leaving the house.  My daughter is on the phone to me, I miss her.  We were chatting and then said good-bye.

The drive to Carolina is lovely, the sun is shining and it is nice and warm.  It’s is about a 2 hours’ drive and the country is lovely.  Wherever you look the fields are filled with Maze and if not maze there are beautiful Kosmos flowers along the roads.

While we were on our way we drove past a Donkey cart, the driver of this cart was laying sleeping under his cart while his two Donkeys were waiting for him to wake up.  It was a sight not to be forgotten.  I tried to get the attention of the two Donkeys but no way.  They didn’t move or turn a head. 

We finally got to Carolina and phoned the lady to direct us to their place, another 15 kilometers before we arrive at the farm (Chicken farm).  It is 21 degrees and really warming up now.  It is 10h23 as we drive into the property.  This was a lovely road trip, my husband leave me in the car under the shade parking and goes to attend his business in the farm house.

12h57 my husband returns and we leave the farm house back to the town Carolina.  In the main road Voortrekker Street, we see a beautiful Antiques Coffee Shop with a Red double decker bus standing in the front garden.  We stop to investigate.  So many tea pots and antiques to be seen, we finally order a cup of coffee and I am enjoying a lovely strawberry cheese cake.  Hmm it was lovely, we are on our way home.