Journey to Success

Nehemiah 2: 20 ‘I answered them, and said, ‘The God of heaven will give us success.’’

I believe God will help me be successful.  Father God in the name of Jesus Christ I pray for success in my own life’s journey.  I believe Father God that You have made me successful and I accept it today in my own life.  I am expecting that You Father God in Jesus Christ’s name will cause me to be successful.  As I go through my life’s journey I know that You Father God are there all the way.

Ecclesiastes 4: 9 – 10 ‘Two are better than one … if either of them falls down, one can help the other up …’ Andus is always there to support me and help me, we are a winning team.  Our success is our unity, we love each other and he is constantly at my side.  With Andus in my life we can face whatever comes our way, he is constantly the same always faithful and hopeful.  Our success is being there for each other; hold each other up and caring for each other and the rest of our family. 

We both seek to become successful and we aim to do the best in our lives all the time.

Not forgetting our anchor in life is serving the Lord Jesus Christ, the pillar of our relationship, the pillar of our home and the pillar of everything we do and achieve.  We cannot make it on our own because we know without a doubt God is in control.

Lord Jesus Christ, I want to bring You all the honour and glory, the worship of my life, my dull and dearie live, I want to praise You Lord with everything I say and do.  You Lord are my salvation and I love You Lord for all I am is because of You.

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