Renewing my mind

Deuteronomy 15:5
The Voice (VOICE)
4-5 However, ideally, there shouldn’t be any poor people among you. If you listen attentively to the voice of the Eternal your God and carefully obey all the commands I’m giving you today, then the Eternal will bless you with great prosperity in the land He’s giving you to live in and pass down within your family.

Changing the speech in my mind to fit into God’s word.  I have been plagued with negative thoughts for so many years, I really don’t know how to rectify it but this year I am to spend more time in the presence of the Lord my God and start to live my life according to God’s word.  The thoughts of negativity that plague me are something like ‘you’re just not good enough and things like this.’ 
I have decided to focus my thoughts around thoughts of God will bless me with great prosperity in the land He is giving to me to live in and pass down within my family.  I am not going to listen to negative thoughts any longer.
I intend to stay focused and stay close to the Lord.  I have so much going for me and I want to get to my goal.
I have a couple of things I want to pursue and I want to pray and give my ideas into Gods hand this year and see how He will bless me.  My life as I knew it is over and I am aspiring to grow closer and work with God this year.  Believing that God is going to change my thoughts and my spirit will grow.

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