5 Best reasons why - Our God is an Awesome God!

      God is a Person

My God is a person, in Genesis 1: 26 ‘God said, Let Us [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness, and let them have complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the [tame] beasts, and over all of the earth, and over everything that creeps upon the earth.’  So if I am a person God has to be a person too, I believe that God can relate to me because of this verse.  I am made into the image and likeness of my God.

In Psalm 7: 6 (Amp) ‘Arise, O Lord, in Your anger; lift up Yourself against the rage of my enemies; and awaken [and stir up] for me the justice and vindication [that] You have commanded.’  Now it is clear that my God also get angry and He can help us.  A characteristic of the God I love.  Other characteristics are being conscious of what is taking place and He also has joy.

  My God is Immutable

As I think of this word I want to assign it to an Awesome God, my God.  I looked up the meaning of ‘immutable’ and it says that it means something is ‘unable to be changed’ or that the ‘immutable laws of nature’.  Thinking about my Awesome God I decided to incorporate a verse from Psalm 89: 2 (Amp) ‘For I have said, Mercy and loving-kindness shall be built up forever; Your faithfulness will You establish in the very heavens [unchangeable and perpetual].’

Proverbs 12: 28 (Amp) ‘Life is in the way of righteousness (moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation), and in its pathway there is no death but immortality (perpetual, eternal life).’

As I believe I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ I can stand on these words as I believe in an Awesome God.

My God is Invisible

God is invisible to us because He is a spirit and we cannot see beyond our physical world, we don’t have the ability to see spirit.  Colossians 1: 15 (Amp) ‘[Now] He is the exact likeness of the unseen God [the visible representation of the invisible]; He is the Firstborn of all creation.’  Now as I see it Jesus Christ is God’s firstborn and He is the exact likeness of the ‘invisible God’.   Just because we cannot see God it doesn’t mean He can’t see what we are up to.

      My God is a Good God

‘O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good!  Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man who trusts and takes refuge in Him.’  Psalm 34: 8 As a Christian I believe in the Goodness of my God, I know that He has good things in store for me.  Proverbs 31: 18 ‘She tastes and sees that her gain from work [with and for God] is good; her lamp goes not out, but it burns on continually through the night [of trouble, privation, or sorrow, warning away fear, doubt and distrust].’  Working hard to maintain a good life I can only do this because I believe my God is Good, I can trust in Him and know that He will protect me and help me when I need it.

        My God is Anthropomorphism

I had to make sure about this word and it states that in Wikipedia this is a personification, is an attribution of human form.  In Exodus 33: 19 – 23 ‘And God said, I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim My name, THE LORD, before you; for I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy and loving-kindness on whom I will show mercy and loving-kindness.  But, He said, You cannot see My face, for no man shall see Me and live.  And the Lord said, Behold, there is a place beside Me, and you shall stand upon the rock, and while My glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft of the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed by.  Then I will take away My hand and you shall see My back; but My face shall not be seen.’  Awesome isn’t it, God said to Moses that He would let Moses see as God walked past him.  Keeping him safe in the cleft.  My word, what an awesome God we serve.

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