Guide me LORD!

Psalm 37:23 (CEV)
23 If you do what the Lord wants,
    he will make certain
    each step you take is sure.
I want to make it in life, I want to succeed. I believe I have high morals and I do not compromise when it comes to things I believe in. I don’t like doing things any old way. It frustrates and irritates me completely. I like structure and I appreciate it when people do as I say.
There are some that just don’t care and do things the opposite way to irritate me. Not the right way.
I always go according to a goal I have set and working towards it. I try sticking to some kind of plan. I like doing it the tried and tested way. It will work out in the end.
God has given me a vision which I believe He will also give me the means. I have a holiday planned for December and God is providing me with the means. I know it seems selfish but truly it isn't. I am also worried about my mother and God is helping me help her. God is great!
I know I am expected to manage my finance and keep it true and proper. I do.

Praise You Lord and thank You Lord.

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