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Sad and heartsore

In South Africa, Wednesday 18 May 2011, we all went to the Voting Stations, my first stop was at the Veterinary.  My little Yorkshire Terrier, Dawie run out of the yard and into the yard of our neighbours and their dog bit my poor little puppies mouth off.  Dawie came home full of blood and everybody at home was upset.  We rushed off to the Vet and he looked at Dawie and apologised to me saying that he could not safe my puppy.  We had to say goodbye to our beloved little Yorkshire Terrier, he will not be following me around the house any longer.  Lord please keep my puppy safe in heaven. 
A vibrant lively little dog with a whole lot of spunk.



Boring ....


The kids have been dropped off at school, Andus went to work and now its time to sit and reflex a little.  Today I dedicate my life into the hands of the Lord because I doubt I can make the day on my own.  I find it is becoming more and more difficult to do things without trusting in the Lord.  I see that on my own I mess up good and solled.
Today if possible I want to check out some sites on how to draw and start doing something in the meantime until the teacher let me know when they can fit me in.

Another day in Paradise ... my paradise

Monday Blues .... sjoe


Saturday evening

Not sure about your live but I feel I have a very busy live and I run around all day.  We woke up this morning with the frontdoor bell ringing.  I walked to the frontdoor opened it and there was my maid, Elina.  Good morning, she said.  I greeted here and she came in.  I walked to the kitchen and switched on the kettle to make some coffee.  The kids were running around and Lady chasing after them, Dawie also came in and as usual marked the wall at the beginning of the passage.  Andus was furious and gave him a spanking.  He ran out side crying and I went into the bedroom, pulled off all the bedding as it is time for a wash.  Took a nice hot shower and Lady came into the bathroom.  Andus gave her to me, I put her under the shower and washed her too.  She hates the water but her hair is so long it needs washing regularly.  After I washed her I gave her to Andus and he passed her onto Alex to dry her.  I got out of the shower and got dressed.  Running around clean here and there, made th…

The Honeymoon ... another day

How do you measure your worth?  Is it in the amount of money you earn, is it in the amount of things you collect, is it the number of people you know?  How do you measure your worth?
If I had to measure my worth according to the amount of money I earn then to be honest I am worthless, the money that I have received in the past couple of months is shocking and it really is difficult to get out of bed with a big smile and face the day.  We all are so used to getting up, getting dressed and walking into a smart office and knowing that the end of this month I would be earning in the thousands of Rands.
Today I came to realise that I cannot be measured by my earning, it is so little my husband said that it would not even cover the groceries for the month.  I am worth so much more but the economy and work that is availalbe in Witbank doesn't allow for more.
Chin up and I will face the world even though I dont earn what I used to, I am worth so much more and thank the Lord Jesus that I h…

Still in the "Honeymoon" phase

Life is strange, when I was in school I was taller than my husband and we were friends from Grade 6 up to Grade 9.

Time passed and we both got married and life happens as you know, I had 3 children and he had 3 children and then we both had some bad luck and things changed for us.  I put my name on Name Base and he spotted my name and sent me an email.  We chatted on email and we met for lunch one Sunday afternoon.

I had no idea that I would remarry and not even to Andus.  Really we were in school together and I thought I am too tall for him.  To my surprise he actually grew taller and of course is still as handsome as ever.  Well, we started dating and one day I realized that we would get married and so we did.

We got married in September 2010 and so far we are still in the Honeymoon phase, and I am still very happy with my wonderful husband.

hmmmm, live is bliss ......