Boring ....

What if?

“what if” and you know how it goes, you think what if I did this and that, how would my life have turned out.  Ahhh, the what if’s can drive you crazy and to top it off I am frustrated with my situation and then I also seem to be suffering with feelings of feeling lost and I just seem to be thinking how can I fix everything.  My attitude leaves much to be desired, snapping at people and just being so difficult.
I need to bow my knees and thank the Lord for his Grace in my life, Grace to face another day, Grace to realise that something good will come of what I am doing, Grace to know that the Lord is in control over my life and I don’t have to fear tomorrow. 
I received a message on face book, ‘Compliments of the day and hi, you look gorgeous, do u mind my friendship.’  My goodness, I am flattered and then I remember the Mentalist also commented on my wall “so beautiful” Patric Jane is cute.  So is my life boring?  Is it?  I wonder.  ….

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