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Red Bull gives you wings

Get up and go on with your life


Can you believe it, yes, it is the weekend once again.  I swear times seems to be flying off the hook these days, just the other day it was Monday and look today is Saturday.  I am constantly busy and it seems my days just fly by.  I wonder how the year is going to end for me.  We are preparing to attend our 30 year School reunion, this is going to be so exciting.  We will be seeing some of our class mates and what they have accomplished over the years.

How I miss my husband over weekends, he works away from home and this results in me only seeing him in the week. Weekends his gone and we don't see him until Sunday evening, his normally tired and wants to relax in front of the TV.  How my life has changed. 

I have some encouraging words from the Lord, Psalm 27: 14 Be of good courage, and He will strengthen your hear.  Thank you Lord for being there for me and strengthening me for the day ahead of me.  I cannot face this day without you.  I just cannot.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made