House Wife - reading somehting on sin eater

I never used to think it hard work being a ‘house wife’.  Really what exactly does one do?  Its cleaning and washing and ironing and of course some cooking.  Taking the kids to school and collecting them after school.  How much work can this possible be?  To my surprise I am working much hard now than I worked in an office.  I do make time for my Bible reading and prayers.  I also see if I can watch a movie sometimes but most of the time I am running off my feet.
Today I tried to read my book on the Last sin eater.  This is something that has me thinking, the people in Wales had a beggar come to the house of the person that had passed away and gave him a piece of bread and something to drink.  This would absolve the dead person’s sins and give them right of way into heaven.  The poor beggar got a piece of bread and something to drink at a high price.  I believe however that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins and that we can come to Him and know that we have eternal life through Jesus.
Makes you think doesn’t it.

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