Blessing my Grandchildren

A little girl has come into my life.  As a grandmother I am excited and happy to report to you that the Lord God has blessed our family with a beautiful little girl.  Born 21 October 2012 at 15h00 in Johannesburg.  This little darling has made her appearance and it is my great honour to announce the birth of this little girl.

As a granny of another beautiful littler girl aged 3 I want to speak a beautiful and blessed life into these two little girls’ lives.

My blessing for both of these little girls:  May the road ahead of them be filled with supernatural favour of God above and with man on earth.  May the Lord Jesus Christ be their High Priest and may they both be a blessing to their parents and wherever they go may people around them be blessed because of them.  May the Lord protect them and I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over both their lives.  May they know the Lord and be faithful to Him.  They are a blessing to our family and may the Lord bless them in the future.  May they know what they want to become one day and may they both pursue their dreams.  God bless my Grandchildren!

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