God watches over me for my good

Saturday afternoon and everyone is busy in our house, my step daughter is painting the gate outside and my husband and step son are fixing our tiles in the house.  I have been struggling with tonsillitis for a couple of weeks now and today I really feel a little better.  My throat isn’t that sore anymore and thank goodness my ears are better too.

The funny thing about this tonsillitis thing is that I have been grumpy and miserable for days on end and I just could not get rid of these self-pity feelings I have been carrying around with me. 

We went shopping today and I have been eyeing this little ‘Hedgehog’ at the store since they put it on display, it is so cute and I really love it.  We were walking down the aisle looking for the stuff I need for the Sunday meal my husband is going to cook. 

Walking past the little ‘Hedgehog’ my husband says ‘take one’.  I was surprised and he said again ‘go on, take one.’  I looked at him and smiled taking the first little chap I liked. 

I think God is real, He does hear us when we feel a little down in the dumps and He uses people to help us get through our difficult days and sends beautiful gifts we so desire.

 Jeremiah 24:6

'My eyes will watch over them for their good, and I will bring them back to this land. I will build them up and not tear them down; I will plant them and not uproot them.'

As always the Lord my God is watching over me, yes it seems I have been feeling a little sick but thank the Lord for keeping watch over me.  Thank the Lord for helping me and gifts I receive unexpected.

May you have a stunning day and a wonderful rest of the weekend, and not forgetting ‘Happy Fathers day.’

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