How I cope with my fear

Emotions such as fear and anxiety are to my mind a helpless feeling which is blown out of proportion.  The person dealing with these emotions have been under tremendous stress and have not been coping well with live in general.

To my mind and from my own experience I believe that one should first identify what it is that is making you fearful.  After you have identified your problem, speak to someone about that specific issue.  By doing this you find that other person has a different take on the specific issue.  Now go and look at the problem and see what can be done to alleviate it.  Ask yourself what can you do about it; is there a way through the problem?  Write down the pro’s and con’s and look at it from a different point of view.  By analyzing the problem you are able to see the issue as it is.  Then ask yourself the question, am I in the position to change this issue?  Yes or No, if it’s a Yes, think about a logical way to deal with the issue.  What can you do to make the changes, is there another way to approach the matter.  If it’s No, why is it no?  Are you able to make any changes?  Is there a higher power at work?  When there’s a higher power at work I suggest you pray about it and let it go.  It obviously isn’t up to you to solve it.

Fear and anxiety are emotions that we are able to control.   The thing with these emotions is that it gets to you when you are tired.  When you are at your lowest and when you are not focused.  You may need to sleep a little more and relax a little.  My advice to me and you, speak to someone you trust.

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