My funny old life

Going to church on Sundays is one of my highlights of the week.  Ah what no one really knows is that I never have any cash available in the week and then suddenly on Sundays I have money available for the offering.  Of course I am grateful and it’s part of what I do on a regular basis. 
My stepdaughter looked at me on Sunday and said ‘You, Aunty Yvette, I really think I want to see if I can buy a Bible just like yours.’  Looking at her as we parked the car in the parking lot of the Church I replied ‘Why Alezandra?’

She started to laugh and said ‘This Bible always has cash in it for Church offerings.’  We both sat laughing for a couple of minutes and went into to church to attend the serve.

What my darling stepdaughter doesn’t realise is that sure my Bible always has a couple of Rand in it, is that when I receive cash I place some notes into the Bible.  I feel I need to bring my offerings on Sundays and I really don’t want to come empty handed to church.

1 Cor. 1: 4 “Every time I think of You, I thank God for your life.”

Praise God for letting me have cash to bring into His house as a offering.

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