I am my worst enemy.

There was a time when I could not open my mouth to say word and lately I don’t have a problem speaking my mind.  I say things that should be left unsaid and I tend to pick up when there is a problem and I bring it to the surface.  What on earth is wrong with me?  I just blaaaah and it’s out before I actually gave it some thought.
I work with a woman whom is going through some difficult time and I of course have been down the road she is travelling.  Husband cheats on her and she was really humiliated and made to be a complete fool.  Hurt by all of this she cried and put it behind her – did she put it behind her? I asked stupid questions like, why didn’t you get angry?  Why haven’t you spoken your mind?  It’s been 10 or more years and she is still struggling with feelings of rejection and pain.  She is still going through the same thing every time a certain woman’s name is mentioned or seen on mail.  I said, “you need to get angry”.  I believe that it should come to the surface and to deal with whatever the problem is.
Thinking about my advice, I should have kept my mouth shut and not said a single word, my words are supposed to be edifying and uplifting and making her feel even more inadequate and unwanted.
I must be honest I think I am the worst friend anybody can have, to straight forward and I don’t seem to have any compassion.  How will I ever be able to change this harden heart?  I wonder …..

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