God has a rewards system

Firstly I want to say thank You to the Lord God for giving me the opportunity to write on my blog each day.  I don’t really always know what to say but through the Holy Spirit I am able to write a little something hopefully to inspire and help you too.

I have so much to be grateful over and I thank the Lord for being kind, loving and merciful towards me every day.  I have had a chance to relax and sit around in the sun and soak up the sun rays for a couple of months.  I have had the opportunity to start fine arts classes and learn how to paint beautiful oil painting.  Praise - the Lord God for giving me the time to do something different and help me grow.  I praise the Lord for a wonderful husband who seems to have nervous of steel and a heart of gold.  All the time putting up with all my tantrums, this man is wonderful and I love him too bits.

Yes, as far as I believe God has a reward system and when the time is right He rewards us for good work done.  I want to spend as much time with Him to grow spiritually through scripture.  I want to draw near to Him constantly.  1 Corinthians 3: 14 ‘He will receive his reward’ I trust in You Lord.

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