The last breath of winter as spring arrives


Red, yellow and brown maple leaves falling from the trees
a chilling wind raising some leaves wafting away
exposing the naked barks to the chilling wind

Whistling threw the trees the wind winds around and about
swirling the red, yellow and brown maple leaves still hanging on the trees
pulling at the leaves as the wind picks up and pulls more leaves to the ground

Red, yellow and brown maple leaves cover the ground
resting and turning brown as the days move along
Flickers of sunlight peeking through the clouds touching a carpet of brown leaves

Birds come to rest on the bare barks singing their merry songs
A warmth is felt all over the fields as the buds of little green leave appear
Gently spring is moving closer taking tiny steps 

Haiku poem

Yvette van Niekerk 
(13 July 2012)


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