Building a relationship with the Lord God

Darlings how awesome is our Lord God, lets focus on God’s word today and see what He is telling us in Isaiah 43: 25 lets read this ‘I (God), even I (God), am he (God) who blots our your (me/you) transgressions, for my(God) own sake, and remembers your (me/you) sins no more.’
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Wow, now as far as I can see God is telling me and you today that God is blotting out my/your transgressions!  So what are transgressions?  It could be something you did wrong, or a disobedience, or offenses?  Now God is stating that He is doing this for His (God’s) own sake, and believe it or not He (God) is forgetting your sins.

How awesome is our God, the things we did wrong and we have confessed them to Him in humble prayer or confessions.  God heard them and is saying to you and me – He is blotting them out for God’s own sake!!!!  

A quote I read early this morning ‘When in doubt, choose change.’  I believe that if you are doubting your situation and you don’t know what, where or how, choose to change it.  Start with a conversation with our Lord God.  Sit down, tune into God’s word and check out what He has to say to you today. 

Father God, in the Holy Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, I am choosing to change my point of view, I am going to stay focused on You Lord.  I am going to embrace You and I am going to come into Your presence and argue my case, I have been chosen by You, You called me by name, You loved me so much Lord that You gave Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my transgressions.  I am Yours Lord, I want to stay focused on You and draw near today.  I bring before You all my blogger friends in humble pray and ask bless each one of us today with Your supernatural favour Lord, with You Lord God as well as with man.  In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ . . . Amen

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