Happy Birthday Mommy - 68 years young today!!

Your 68 years young today

A beautiful and gracious lady mommy, at your age you have seen and lived through so much.  God has blessed you with two daughters and a son and seven grandchildren, two great grandchildren.  Awesome!  What a crown to wear around your head knowing that you have been able to see your great grandchildren.

Facing each day as it comes along keeping your head up and working through your own problems, checking on your children and their children.  Listening to all the complaints and giving good advice.  A well balanced life with loads of fun and laughter, you are so blessed mommy.

This year wasn’t easy for any of us and we have made it this far, how great it is to know you are able to face another year with all of us.  We absolutely love and adore you, you have so much going for you and we know God is in control keeping you healthy and looking out for your every day.

My sister is a star, she looks after our mother very nicely, without her help I am sure life would have turned out really badly for mommy.  Zelda you are really a pillar of support to mommy and oom Frik.  Without you their lives would be a disaster, praise the Lord that you have such a generous heart and that you are always looking for ways to help and support them.

God will provide according to your needs and He will bless you richly Zelda, thank you so much.

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