Bad Dreams that worry me constantly...

The past couple of weeks I have been struggling with bad dreams.  Waking up really worried, the one that comes to mind is I was walking in a farm land and when I looked up I saw this young male Lion staring at me.  When he saw that I saw him, he started to roar and headed straight for me.  I turned away from the Lion and started to run for the house that stood before me.  On entering the house the only safe place I could find was a small old fashioned wardrobe.  Opening the doors, and pushing into the clothes I closed the doors behind me.  Almost suffocating, hearing the Lions roar behind me.  Wakening startled and really worried.

My other nemesis is snakes, also sleeping then waking up from this dream.  I was standing in a room and as I turn to walk out of the room a huge snake with big fangs ready to strike me down.  I feel how I try and run away from the snake and just as it lunges towards me I wake up – almost ready to die.
I cannot think why I seem to be suffering with feelings of retribution and it seems there is vengeance in these dreams.

The only way forward is to pray about these dreams and trust the Lord Jesus to help me.  What should I do to stop these horrible dreams?

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