thank you Lord!!


South Africans don’t celebrate thanksgiving but as a South African I would like to bring all glory and honour to the Lord my God.  I want to say Lord Jesus thank you for the opportunity to come to You in humbleness and say thank you for another day.  Thank you Lord for the clothes I have to wear and the food I can eat.  Thank you Lord for my own car to drive with diesel in it.  Even in my hour of stress and facing all the storms in my life I am still grateful to come into Your presence and bring You honour and glory.

Thank you Lord for my husband, children, step children and grandchildren, each one of them are precious in my eyes.  Lord thank you that You are there for me, guiding me and teaching me.  I pray for the courage I need to face tomorrow and I ask for the wisdom and insight to understand what I need to understand.  Thank You for You loving kindness and most of all that You are my Lord and saviour.  Most of all that I can call on You.  Thank You Lord Jesus, I want to ask You humbly help me become a new creature in Jesus.  I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ.

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