Vintage – me! 50 years / half a century

Thank you to my husband and stepchildren for the time and effort afforded me in the preparations of my birthday party.  The beautiful dinner set and the lovely gift of ‘Opium perfume’.  My favourite fragrance of spice and fruit together with a touch of Sandal wood.  The fragrance lingers on my skin for a long time giving me the confidence and feel of femininity.  Hmm thank you for the gifts and time.

Thank you to my son Jean for the beautiful bouquet of flowers, it brightens up my day. 

Thank you to my son Jacques, Marizca and Gizel for the beautiful bouquet of fine bath salts, creams and lady lovely fragrances luxury bathing.  Thank you also for the beautiful status of the two cats and not forgetting the ‘Benjamin’.

Thank you to my daughter Odette, Johan and Anabelle for the lovely perfume, J’adore, the fragrance I really wanted and the smell of Ylang-Ylang essence, this exotic perfume smells great and makes me feel like a million dollars.  Not forgetting the lekker chocolate!

Andus and Yvette

Zelda, Mommy and Yvette
Thank you to my sister and her children for the beautiful bracelets and decorations for my party.  Really lovely and something I would remember always.  

Thank you to my mom and oom Frik for the lovely perfume ‘Moon drops’ this fragrance is almost the same as that of J’adore with the same ‘notes’ to it but a more vintage fragrance in the 1970’s super cool thank you mommy!

Thank you to my boss for sending me beautiful flowers – Barberton daisies – Carnations hmm really lovely in a beautiful tea cup! 

Thank you to my neighbour for the lovely bouquet of flowers.  Just stunning.

Most of all thank you to all my loved ones for making the time available to come and spend the day with me.  I had an awesome day with loads of fun and laughter.  You really mean the world to me and if I forgot anybody, thank you to you too.

With the glad comes the sad, thinking of my dad it made me realise that life is so short and that we should cherish each and every moment we have with our family and friends.  We don’t always get along but none of us are perfect.  My life could be over in a blink of an eye, but I thank the Lord my God for another year and hopefully a year filled with abundance of love, laughter, joy, happiness, kindness.

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