Feeling down .....

Giants in my own life are aging, finding a good paying job and being able to look good and feel good about myself.  Facing the fact that I am growing older and that I cannot do the things I used to do and maintaining it, I tell you it freaks me out at time.

I look at people and I think everybody seems to be doing just fine, I doubt they go through any of the things I do.  It seems that each person has wonderful days, wonderful lives, wonderful jobs, wonderful friends and family and not to mention great very great lives.

Today is my day of moaning I feel down, I feel yucky and miserable, I feel lonely and I feel sick, my stomach isn’t right.  The pessimist in me is much stronger than ever today.

I have been praying and fasting for people in my life and today it seems I just cannot lift myself up, I think I might be tired and because of that I feel yucky.

I want to change my point of view but right now, I just cannot stay focused and I feel that I am a disappointment, I don’t do great and wonderful things.  I don’t touch any bodies life and I am just me.  So who cares? 

Sorry its little old me feeling down!

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