Rustic living – Antiek Sjiek

Well hello, I was fortunate to travel with my husband to work one day and he drives a lot.  We drove from Witbank to Ermelo but went through Hendrina.  Now believe me when I tell you they have a very quaint little Coffee Shop “Antiek Sjiek”.

My husband tells me that this is “The Coffee Shop” to visit when and if you are travelling through Hendrina.  So needless to say we stopped early on our way to Ermelo and took a break.  On entering the Old house we were greeted by a sweet young African woman.  She was friendly and showed us around.  Walking through the old house we saw many old antique artifacts.

I loved all the beautiful tea sets on display, which by the way are for sale.  We took a tour of the old house and then into the back yard we were greeted by a beautiful old car.  Walking around there were some old bicycles and then we went into another little shop full of the most interesting handcrafts.  My husband felt in necessary to buy some fudge which by the way was awesome.

Taking our seats we were promptly served, a young African lady approached us and took our order.  While we were enjoying the lovely surroundings we waited for our coffee. 

Ha ha to my surprise my darling husband received his Coffee in a chipped mug and my Cappuccino was in a nice cup and source with a nice warm chocolate muff.  What an experience, it was different and really pleasant. 

So do yourself a favor, whenever you find yourself in Hendrina make a point of stopping at the “Antiek Sjiek” Coffee shop.  You won’t regret it.

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