Hearing God's Voice

Garra Rufa

Jesus told her, “I am the one who raises the dead and gives them life again. Anyone who believes in me, even though he dies like anyone else, shall live again.  John 11:25 TLB
As I am sure you also want to hear God’s voice and know what it is that God wants you to do.  I have been thinking about this question and to my mind I believe God still speaks to me on a daily basis.  When I was young I know God spoke to me in an audible voice.  I feel so sad that I missed the word He had for me as I was still naïve and without insight.

Growing older is the best teacher in time and I realise that when I want to know something I go into my bedroom close the door and pray.  Many a time I don’t get an answer straight away but I do feel at ease and relax after speaking to the Lord about the problem.

I was thinking about the question of how I can hear God’s voice.  It struck me that I still hear Gods voice but not on a conventional way.  I realised that God speaks to me through dreams, I seem to dream a lot and my biggest worry in this world is am I on the right track, is my live going the way it should be.  So far it is as I am exactly were God wants me to be. 

My dreams are calm and joyful, I think about a dream I experienced just yesterday.  I remember that I can see my feet in a pool of water with that of a small child; I can hear the child’s laughter as we sit there with our feet in the water and the small Garra Rufa fish nibbling our feet.  To me the dream meant that I was sitting with the Lord, and while we were sitting with our feet in the water it reminded me of a ‘spa day’.  The Lord was showing me that I am becoming spiritually awakened and that I should feel the lavishing of His love in my life.  At the time of this dream my feet have been hurting and I have been feeling tired and drained. 

Yes, I believe that God is speaking to each one of us on a regular basis, take the time and look around you.  Through your creativity, through your work and through your dreams; God is speaking to you through all you do.  See how he talks to you.

You are a blessing and may the Lord our God bless your work today.

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