Here I am. Send me!

Isaiah 6: 8 Living Bible (TLB)

Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom shall I send as a messenger to my people? Who will go?”
And I said, “Lord, I’ll go! Send me.”

Good morning … what a wonderful privilege it is for me to actually sit down and write a little message today.  You have no idea how I longed to get back onto my blog.  

God is awesome and He works in mysterious ways.  I really and truly believe that the Lord is call out to us:  ‘Whom shall I send as a messenger to my people?  Who will go?’  today I do want to challenge you to read these words.  Search your heart and motives and think about the people that need to hear God’s word.  Let take up the quest and do as the Lord asks.

Lord Here I am, send me.  As you read these words, think about it and lets start working together to get the message of the Lord out there.  People need to hear about our wonderful, excellent and awesome God.

You are a blessing in my life, may everything your hands touch today be blessed, may the words out of your mouth be a blessing and may whatever your heart desires come to you.

Thank you, ;-)

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