Improve yourself and be the best you can be [Personal Growth]

As you read this heading I feel sure you are wondering what the spin is going to be around my thinking.  Will this be something you can use in your own life or is this some reflections of what took place and is still happening in my own life?  You and I both now we can only write about our own life experiences.

In that case, let’s see what we can learn from each other.  To my thinking, one should always be able to learn, stay creative and add a dash of wisdom in the mix.  Being honest is something I would consider something to always keep in one's arsenal.  

At any rate, we all go through different things in our lives and we need to stay focused on growing spiritually and of course in our material world.  Spiritually to my way of thinking is to actually have a living relationship with the Lord Jesus.  This keeps me human and helps me stay focused.  I pray when I feel down and read my Bible to help me going forward.  I find in staying connected to the Lord Jesus I have a different set of rules for my own life. 

I have learned to preserve to the end and just never ever give up.  I have also learned by prayer and constant speaking to the Lord I have courage for each day.  To my mind, I believe that the Holy Spirit resides within my heart and because of that, I am being renewed each and every day. 

Being open-minded is difficult and really hard for me because I have a set standard which I keep to.  So I always have to consider what it means to other people.  Originality is something we all can learn, we like to copy other people because it seems like they know everything and seem to arrive.  My question to you is, have they? 

I aspire to be independent and smart; in the mix, I try and stay playful and absolute work at being a really nice person.  Trying to keep me from being too judgemental.

I hope this message was inspirational, with a touch of kindness and compassion and most of all that you would have learned something from me.  Improving yourself and being the best you can be.

You are a blessing! 

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