Clean House

Do you also enjoy a clean house?  I love staying in an organised clean house, I know where everything is and I like to find it in its place.  Something the children are learning these days.  If you don’t put it back in its place you will not find it again.
These two are really very relaxed and when it comes to cleaning up they just don’t make it.  I am very strict and I want the house to say clean and tidy.
So as for me I want a clean house and I insist on it.  I don’t like clutter and I make a sure the kids know that.  Will they every learn I wonder.  Actually I do believe they will, I think of my own 3 and I know that they are doing very well and they too have clean houses. 
Thank you Lord for the wisdom and understanding and the fact that You too enjoy a clean house.  Lord please bless my hands as I work today and help me do the best that I can to ensure that we live in a clean house.  Knowing that You love a clean house and will bless me makes it all worth the trouble.

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