Have you looked at your hands lately?  I have been studying mine for a couple of weeks now.  They are so wrinkled and old looking it gives my age away.  Then I started to think about my hands, what they mean to me and how they serve me.

First of all these hands of mine held my three children.  Helping them grow up, I fed them with my hands and later I taught them to dress properly with my hands.  I held them in my arms with my hands and I look after them with these hands.  I washed washing with these hands, I knitted and sewed with these hands, I painted oil paintings with these hands, I wrote long letters with these hands.  I washed dishes with these hands, cleaned my house with these hands.  My hands have seen so much water it is no wonder they are so wrinkled.   

Most importantly my hands are able to do the things I need done, I can take up my Bible and read the scriptures.  With my hands I am able to type letters, long documents; I am able to do so much with these hands.  They are my life line in my life, without my hands I would not be able to type as fast I do, I would not be able to hold a cup of tea or eat a slice of bread.  I would not be able to cook a plate of food and make a warm dish to eat.

Today with gratitude I stand before the Lord of heaven, Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for my old hands.  Thank You that I may use them and thank You that You blessed me to have them.
Think about it without your hands you won’t be able to do much either.  We seem to lose our gratitude towards life for the little things that keep us going and the majority of use takes everything around us for granted. 

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