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2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Hey, hey it is my 2nd anniversary!  This has been an interesting time in my life and I must be honest I am starting to see the changes in my own life.  

Firstly remember I am a city girl with this bad ass attitude, my way or the highway.  Ah, now let me tell you that doesn’t work like this.  My husband has a firm hand over me and keeps me in toe.  I am still my own person and have many new interests.  

How was my day today?  Well the normal, got out of bed at 04h30 and then left the house by 06h00 arriving at work at 07h00.  Then to top it off in an early morning meeting at 07h30 to 08h30, then back in the office.  I worked on three projects; getting information from people isn’t that easy.  I firstly completed my own scope of work, followed up with the suppliers and then going back to the next person.  As I work according to my time keeping schedule I then finally got to lunch time.  I missed my husband; he was in a meeting all day.  What a bummer!

Lunch was two banana’s and two strawberries, yum.  Tea, tea, and more tea it kills the hungry bug in my stomach.  Tee-hee, nothing I cannot handle.

Great we then get into the afternoon; I have Millicent at my desk the two of us both idiots right now trying to sort out our problems.  We have problems, no access to systems, needing to beg and ask constantly for information.  Learning is difficult and man we are really struggling, this power house isn’t that easy to get into.  But I enjoy the challenge and I hope and pray my work will be seen and recognised.

Yippy time to go home, 16h15 waiting for my lift, hmm run over the street, hop into the car and off to collect my husband.  Hmm, what a handsome chap, navy blue trousers and pin stripped white and blue shirt.  Behold the sigh of this handsome man, waiting for us to come along and take him home.  The drive home is peaceful and he normally takes a nap when he doesn’t have to drive.  I sit next to him reading a novel as usual.  We finally get to the toll gate, through it almost home, another 15 minutes to 20 minutes.  At our drop-off we get into our own car and then back into the traffic, it can be a bore but hey there isn’t any other way.  Life is like that.

This morning, I was reading God is in control over our lives and it doesn’t matter what we think, we must just realise that God knows best.  Sometimes I look at my life and wonder can I have any impact on anybody and do I have the ability to actually be the best that I can?

What is impacting my life this moment is the looking after two young teenagers, two beautiful Yorkshire terrier puppies, two beautiful little birds, a beautiful Golden Mantle and a beautiful yellow canary.  They both sing so beautiful, my Golden Mantle – Birdy sings all day long and not forgetting my lovely canary in toe.  Then the horrible cat and my love for my little coy fish, white and orange, man has he grown.  Hard to believe when you keep in mind the water in Witbank is very, very dangerous and not human friendly.  Yip this is about my whole life in a couple of words.  

‘In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will,’  Ephesians 1: 11

Lord today I dedicate my marriage back into Your hands, You have predestined both Andus and I to be here together in this year as husband and wife.  Lord I want to pray and ask that You will work out everything in conformity with the purpose of Your Will.  We need You in our lives, You know our dreams and desires.  I dedicate all the children into Your hands and I dedicate my husband and myself into Your hands.  Keep us close to Your heart, let no harm come to our marriage, our finances, our home, our vehicles and whatever we deem precious and important to us.  Our friends and family, keep all of them safe too, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over all our lives.  Amen

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