‘…; practice playing second fiddle.’ Romans 12: 10

 In today’s life ‘playing second fiddle’ is just unheard of and most people will pull their nose up.  Thinking about people in general we don’t like ‘playing second fiddle’ and it always has to be about us and what we need, what we want and where we are going.  No wonder most of us are in general angry and upset because we feel we have to take a back seat.  

Then why would we want to follow Paul’s instruction in Romans of ‘practicing playing second fiddle’.  When going shopping I will return to the shop where the people are nice and friendly, where I feel comfortable and where people make me feel special.  I definitely won’t go to a shop where the people are rude and obnoxious.  

Well for today let’s practice playing second fiddle and let’s be nice to the people around us.  Smile at the people you work with, ask them how are you.  Take five minutes in spending some time in their presence and finding out how they really are.  Stop making everything about yourself; take the time in making friends.  Being nice will help you gain ground. 

Drop the attitude that you are just the ‘secretary, call centre agent, systems analyst or receptionist’ just being friendly and helpful puts your company in the number 1 spot.  Being the nicest person in your office makes you stand out and people will be drawn to you because of your friendly disposition. 

Do you want to make a difference in your home, company, business or church?  Then start by ‘playing second fiddle’, being nice to the people around you.  Dropping your miserable attitude and accepting the challenges you face head on.  Stay focused and be kind to your peers and your colleagues and not forgetting the little people in your life, especially the little people.  
We tend to say it’s not my job, and I didn’t through this piece of paper on the floor I won’t pick it up.  If you see it laying on the floor pick it up, it won’t kill you.  My mom taught us that if you see something laying on the floor pick it up, that is the right thing to do.  You saw it and you know you should pick it up so just pick it up.  No one sees it but remember one day someone will notice that you are doing your bit.

Not forgetting that the Lord promotes and you will be promoted at the right time, by doing your bit.  So let’s be nice or even very nice to all the people around and in our lives.  Let’s think of them for a change and act responsibly toward our husbands, children, friends and colleagues.   ‘Start transforming yourself into the nice person, playing second fiddle.’  You will reap the fruits.

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