Favour and Blessings for you today, it is my prayer that you would enjoy God’s love, grace and healing wherever you are.  Forgiving our friends, family or colleagues for some offense they performed against us is often difficult.  People are imperfect and can do the strangest things.  You may have taken offence by a word or action against you.  Perhaps someone has said or done something to cause you to really feel angry at them.  You find that forgiving them for their trespasses don’t sit well with you.  The problem with forgiveness is that once you keep the offence in your heart you grow another seed called bitterness.   The thing about bitterness is that it grows really fast.  People who tend to be bitter have suffered a really bad ordeal and the forgiving of the offense seems impossible.   Why would you forgive someone who hurt you and still gets away with their offenses?  Simple, they don’t even realise you are struggling with forgiveness and carry on with their own lives, it doesn’t really affect them.  You on the other hand have these thoughts that plague you constantly and the more you dwell on the topic the bitter you become.

My friend the first step to forgiving someone is to actually speak it out load so that your own ears can hear what you have said.  The next step would be to phone or write the person tell them “I forgive you for doing this”, it doesn’t mean you agree with what has happened but it means you have dealt with it and you are moving on.  Then write it on a piece of paper and go and burn it as a symbol that you have put it behind you.
God is faithful and will always help you through your trials and tribulations.  Lift up your heart, body and soul to the Lord so that He may heal you.  Isaiah 43: 19 ‘For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun!’  

Father God, in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ I pray for the forgiveness of sin in my own life.  Lord I forgive the people You know I have identified for the offenses they have done against me.  Lord I speak life into their lives and set them free.  Lord I humble myself before You and ask that by Your mercy and grace You will lift me up again.  Lord I ask that You sewer the seeds of un-forgiveness and bitterness in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, replacing these two bad seeds with compassion and gentleness.  In Jesus Christs Name I pray.  Amen

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