Book Review on 'Last Stand at Lighthouse Point.'

Book Review:                                   Last Stand at Lighthouse Point
Author:                                              George Duncan
Personal Quality Rating:                    4           
Reviewer:                                          Yvette van Niekerk (South Africa)


This Christian Mystery Novel is written using the setting of the “Wild Duck County”.  The story kicks off with a really tragic and horrific murder which takes place at the “Magnum Point Lighthouse”.  Keeping in mind the News Papers and TV Reports always get involved the story revolves about the Editor Drake Saunders and a Reporter Frank Denton.

Drake Saunders gets involved with a beautiful student who is an agnostic and an interesting turn of events takes place with them.  Frank Denton is a prayer warrior and gets literally back stabbed by fellow Christian – story revolving around the bank in the town makes a number of influential people angry and they turn against Frank.

Another important player in the story is Tiffany and let us not omits the sweet little girl Tracy on the side-line.  The four people mentioned are in a major battle against evil and the ending was magnificent.

Social / Historical Context:

The normal day-to-day living of Christian people living and working with non-Christian people and how the dynamics of being a Christian changes the atmosphere they enter.  It was amazing for me to read how the economic situation touches the lives of people in this book.  I didn’t even realise but Frank Denton for instance spoke into my situation and I could relate to his situation
The sport and other activities were well used making the story come alive when reading it.  Making it feel so real.

Writing Style:

The writing style to my mind is evocation and some common place.  It narrated a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the devil sure received his due.  The writer to my thinking must have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. 

The writer knows about the topic he wrote on and it came through the story.   I believe the writer’s point was to make sure that when you read the story you will question your situation.  Where do you find yourself, are you a Christian or not. 

I feel I learned a lot from this story telling, it reminded me of where I find myself in life and that I can always turn back to the Lord in prayer.  There are people interceding for each of us we don’t always know or realise it. 

My Thoughts:

A really good story well thought out and absolutely in my line of thinking.  I identified with some of the people in the story and it made me realise that life isn’t always a bed of roses even in stories or other countries.  The book made me think about my own relationship with the Lord Jesus and I did enjoy the read.  The person or character I really liked despite his one eye was Frank Denton.  I thought if in real life I would easily have made friends with him.

Short version

The Last Stand at Lighthouse Point revolves around influential people living in the Wild Duck County.  Ted Hollingsworth an influential Businessman allows his son Andrew Hollingsworth to spend a night at the “Magnum Point Lighthouse”. 

Unfortunately a brutal murder takes place at the “Magnum Point Lighthouse” and reporter Miss Tiffany Summersby a 2nd runner up to the Miss Wild Duck Pageant goes to the Lighthouse to see what happened.

As the plot thickens the reporter Frank Dentons uncovers a story on the Atlantic Coast Bank which costs the Bank a load of money.  Newt Balderson the President of the bank has his knife in for Frank.  Ted Hollingsworth is all bitter and twisted at Miss Summersby as she gave a bad report on his deceased son Andrew. 

The murder at the lighthouse draws a number of people to it and a little girl Tracy Sunderlin goes to check out the place.  Tracy escapes with her life as she leaves the lighthouse and her parents bring her to Tiffany.  Tiffany brings both Frank the reporter and Drake the Editor into the story.

This page turner doesn’t allow one to put the book down in fear of missing out on something.  It is definitely a must read.  

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