To be alone with God

Mark 4: 34 “He did not speak to them without a parable, but privately to his own disciples he explained everything.”

It is important to grow spiritually and spending time in God’s word has always been part of my daily devotion.  The funny thing is some many things have crept into my own life that I get so busy with this, that and the other.  Because I am constantly busy I must collect my own thoughts, I need to sit down and evaluate my life what is happening all around me, and I don’t always know where I am going so I do need direction.  Then I have to get back to basics.

When I first moved to Witbank in Mpumalanga the most difficult part of my life was being left all alone.  Sitting in a house with just the quiet surrounding me, it was difficult to come to grips with who I am.  

I then realized I needed to pray and ask the Lord my God to please show me the Lords way, to teach me His paths and to guide me in His truths.  I believe that I am saved and that the Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior I need Him in my life.  My prayer is that as the Lord spoke to Isaiah ‘Lord brings me the blind by a way that I don’t know, Lord please lead me in paths that I have not known.  Lord takes this darkness and make light before me, and please make straight the crooked places in my life.’

As I am aging and I don’t have the strength to rush around anymore I need to sit and quietly wait on You Lord God.

I am waiting Lord for You to guide me, to show me and to keep me in Your hands.  In Jesus Christ’s name amen.


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