Are you fulfilled? I want to delight my God

Yellow Tulips

I am super excited in March 2012 this year I decided to plant my tulips that were in a pot plant which didn’t bloom last year.  On taking the tulips out of the ground I found that the tulips had multiplied and I thought let me plant them.  I have snapdragons growing and some ‘Afrikaners’ and other beautiful white daisies.

Now with winter almost over I still water my plants regularly I decided to take a look and see how my plants are doing.  On further inspection I saw that my tulips are budding.  I am so happy you cannot imagine.  With great excitement I call my husband to come and take a look at my little buds showing in the ground. 

Peeking out of the ground green little buds making their way up to the warm sun light inspires me and reminds me of our awesome God.  I had to remind myself of David when he spoke about the Lord ‘I delight to do your Will, O my God …’ Psalm 40: 8.  God sure knows what delights me and my husband has picked up on my favour for beautiful plants and flowers and loves to spoil me rotten.  Thank the Lord for such wonderful gifts and he is a blessing in my own life.

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