Watching people around me and thinking about what I want to do with my life, I honestly want to be a nicer me.  One of my dreams are to grow old gracefully.  It is important that I live a graceful life that is fulfilled with all the joys that live has to offer me.  God has blessed me with a wonderful man that is constantly praising me.  God has blessed me with children that fulfil my life with joy and also with a granddaughter that makes me smile and thank the Lord.

James 1: 12 ‘Blessed is the man that endureth temptation …’  You think that you can work around your temptations and you believe that you have the upper hand but be careful, temptation of getting even can bring you down.  Are you struggling with the temptation of eating too much?  Looking at the slice of chocolate cake you’re tempted to only take one little bite.  What is the harm in having a tiny slice of cake?  After you take that bite you lose yourself and before you know it you have eaten the entire cake.  You were blinded by the dark sweet chocolate and red cherries; the sweetness is so binding you just cannot stop it from overwhelming you.  Then the grinding painful thoughts keep haunting you as you look at yourself in the mirror.  

My advice to you is to stop, think about your situation or circumstances and then to take the correct action.  Once you stand still and look at the situation or circumstances you are able to actually make the right decision.  We never really think about it but temptation is something that is orchestrated to firstly blind you for that moment and then bind you for another minute and the final blow which will take its toll is to grind you for a very long time.  The devastation and reality of temptation is that you have failed at taking control over your actions.  

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