You may be a South African citizen and perhaps you have had better experience than I, but as of late I must be honest in telling you service in our country is really bad.  I find the shop attendants believe they are doing you a favour to service you.

Walking up to the till to pay for your purchase, you never get greeted.  You say good day, with a smile and the person behind the till ignores you.  ‘Do you want a plastic bag?’  Sour faced and really not happy to be there, she starts scanning the products over the scanner, having an in-depth conversation with the lady who packs the purchased products into your plastic bags.

After she has scanned all products, you tell her, ‘Cheque account, please.’  She looks you in the eye and asks you “Savings?”  My dear husband always has a fit there and then; thank goodness he doesn’t say anything.  

People in jobs take it for granted that they have employment and they think they are doing us a favour to sit in these positions.  The problem I see is that service is getting worse and the people aren’t complaining as it seems to be the norm in our country that we are so relaxed.  There is no drive in the people and it seems everybody is happy to be mediocre; we don’t seem to be striving for excellence. 

 Is it just me? 

Business etiquette is lacking in all sectors of our country.  People’s cultures differ and there seems to be an animosity towards some nations.  We need to learn to respect our customers and really be friendly and kind because at the end of the day, the customer is paying your salary?

If you think my thinking is incorrect and you would like to add something to this, please drop me a line.  I would like to hear how you experience the service in our country.

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