Saying thank You LORD ....

Give thanks to the LORD for He is good, His love endures forever.  Psalm 118:29

The most difficult time to give Praise to my God is when I feel so low and down.  Not that I feel low and down today.  I feel vibarent and excilerated and I feel so alive and grateful for a new day, a chance to live my life to the fullest and be whom God made me to be.  I have the opportunity to walk out here and change the world.  I wish.

A reflection over the past week, I attended a course to enhance my skills and the very first evening I came home to report to my husband what beautiful women are attending the course.  He smiled at me and said, darling you are beautiful too.  Relax and don’t get your knickers in a knott.

I noticed that the lecuture would say to this woman and that woman how beautiful they are and look.  My goodness, I thought at one stage, I really must look like a dog, but on the contratry to my husband I am just fine.  I don’t need to be reminded of my beauty as he said beauty is skill deep.

Reminding me that it doesn’t really matter what is outside but it does matter what is inside.  How we walk, talk and behave is really what matters.  What we do, and how we treat people, that is of utmost importance.  How to deal with live is also important and we need to know that these things are important, we must live our lifes to the fullest and work hard not to hurt others around us.

Today I want to say thank you LORD for Your kindness, for YOU are good, Lord YOUR love endures forever. 


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