One’s attitude is probably the most important thing that we as human beings have to deal with.  Just walking into a shop or any venue you can pick up on the people’s attitudes.  As you start talking to people you will find that they either have a good and happy attitude or a really heartbroken, self-pity attitude.  

Most people struggle with the negative side of their attitudes and it takes hard work to being one’s attitude under control.  I for one struggle with fault-find, grumbling, complaining, nagging and stuff like that.  I have to check myself for not going down that road.  Once the door is open I just bulldozer forward and become a real wrecking ball.  

Thinking about my problem I believe the only way forward for me is to realise who I am in Jesus Christ.  I should start making a point of not finding fault with everything that irritates me.  I should pay attention to what I say and do.  I feel that I should start mediating more on the Word of God and take my focus off what is taking place around me.

I have so much baggage that needs to be cut off and thrown away, that I wander when I will do this and start stretching myself forward and grabbing onto the Lord Jesus.

As I face tomorrow I want to remind you and me that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

Father God humbly I pray for a new lease on life, give me the discipline to work hard and get to where You want me to be.  Lord as I face my problems with my own attitude I pray for a guard over my mouth, sealing my ears to gossip and breaking the bad attitudes that I carry around within me.  Help me Lord to lighten up and to start enjoying life and making the best of every situation I find myself in.  Lord thank You for hearing my prayers and thank Your for being there for me.



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