'My favor, pleasure, and goodwill I have had mercy .....'

Isaiah 60 Amplified Bible (AMP)
10 Foreigners shall build up your walls, and their kings shall minister to you; for in My wrath I smote you, but in My favor, pleasure, and goodwill I have had mercy, love, and pity for you.

As I read this I must tell you that for a very, very long time I felt as though my God had forgotten all about me.  I was praying but it felt as though my prayers were hitting a bronze dome not allowing my prayers to get through to the Lord.  I then started to look at my life with a microscope and investigate what was wrong and how I could rectify my situation.  

 Not that I have the power to do anything but I started eliminating all the things I felt was sinful in the sight of God.  I started making amends and asking for forgiveness and coming clean before God and man.

It has taken a couple of years to bring me to the place I find myself.  You don’t have any idea how difficult and embracing many of the things are to be asking for forgiveness and repentance of these things.  When I read this verse and realized that God has been looking out for me.  Yes I sinned and finally came to my senses, God is faithful and was standing behind me watching and waiting.  I kept at it until things started changing.  I am pleased to tell you that I believe God has mercy, love and pity for me and you.   

Come clean with what you know is wrong, repent from it and take up the cross again.  Jesus died on the cross for you and me, let us not give up now, life is so short.

Take care, in the Love of Jesus I greet you.

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