Last Stand at Lighthouse Point

Last Stand at Lighthouse Point

The Last Stand at Lighthouse Point revolves around
influential people living in the Wild Duck County.  Ted Hollingsworth an influential Businessman
allows his son Andrew Hollingsworth to spend a night at the “Magnum Point

Unfortunately a brutal murder takes place at the “Magnum
Point Lighthouse” and reporter Miss Tiffany Summersby a 2nd runner
up to the Miss Wild Duck Pageant goes to the Lighthouse to see what happened.

As the plot thickens the reporter Frank Dentons uncovers a
story on the Atlantic Coast Bank which costs the Bank a load of money.  Newt Balderson the President of the bank has
his knife in for Frank.  Ted
Hollingsworth is all bitter and twisted at Miss Summersby as she gave a bad
report on his deceased son Andrew. 

The murder at the lighthouse draws a number of people to it
and a little girl Tracy Sunderlin goes to check out the place.  Tracy escapes with her life as she leaves the
lighthouse and her parents bring her to Tiffany.  Tiffany brings both Frank the reporter and
Drake the Editor into the story.

This page turner doesn’t allow one to put the book down in
fear of missing out on something.  It is definitely
a must read.  

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