Mpumalanga - Witbank to Carolina (150 km apart)

Good morning! Today 30 March 2015 I am going on a road trip with my husband.  He is taking me along to enjoy the country with him.  He needs to go to Carolina which is 150 kilometers away from Witbank in Mpumalanga, South Africa.  Now believe it or not I have never been in Carolina so this is going to be an experience for me.

I made us some peanut butter and jam sandwiches and some coffee.  Its 08h00 am and we are just leaving the house.  My daughter is on the phone to me, I miss her.  We were chatting and then said good-bye.

The drive to Carolina is lovely, the sun is shining and it is nice and warm.  It’s is about a 2 hours’ drive and the country is lovely.  Wherever you look the fields are filled with Maze and if not maze there are beautiful Kosmos flowers along the roads.

While we were on our way we drove past a Donkey cart, the driver of this cart was laying sleeping under his cart while his two Donkeys were waiting for him to wake up.  It was a sight not to be forgotten.  I tried to get the attention of the two Donkeys but no way.  They didn’t move or turn a head. 

We finally got to Carolina and phoned the lady to direct us to their place, another 15 kilometers before we arrive at the farm (Chicken farm).  It is 21 degrees and really warming up now.  It is 10h23 as we drive into the property.  This was a lovely road trip, my husband leave me in the car under the shade parking and goes to attend his business in the farm house.

12h57 my husband returns and we leave the farm house back to the town Carolina.  In the main road Voortrekker Street, we see a beautiful Antiques Coffee Shop with a Red double decker bus standing in the front garden.  We stop to investigate.  So many tea pots and antiques to be seen, we finally order a cup of coffee and I am enjoying a lovely strawberry cheese cake.  Hmm it was lovely, we are on our way home.

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