Generosity, is it part of who you are?

My thinking is this as I read Matthew 25 from 14 through to 30 I am reminded that God is in the position to make each one of us wealthy.  The parable is told of 3 people who have been entrusted with an amount of talents.  The first person is entrusted with 5 talents, the second person was entrusted with 2 talents and the third person was entrusted with 1 talent.

As I read these passages I see that each person did as he felt was the best and it was clear the one with the 5 talents worked at creating another 5 talents, the second chap did his best and also accumulated another 2 talents.  What amazed me was the third chap, he took the 1 talent and buried it.  He felt it would be safe in the ground and didn’t worry about it anymore.

Now to my mind I believe the two other chaps were probably working hard and had the ability to think ahead, I also believe they must have cared about their master and wanted to impress him.  I think they also may have been people that were generous and would probably help other people in need.

The third chap made me think he was someone that didn’t take chances and he didn’t give freely to others and was tight fisted.  He also said to the master that he knew the master as a hard man, harvesting where he didn’t sow and gathering where he didn’t scatter seeds.  I think this guy was selfish and thought to himself “the master has so much why; must I give him anymore?”

I think being generous is something we should practice and with the little that we have we should bless people around us each and every day.  You have heard one day when I am rich I will give to this charity and that charity.  Ha ha, that’s just not going to happen, you aren’t giving now why then?
To my mind giving freely God will make you wealthy.  Trust in God He knows best!

Heavenly Father, Lord teach each one of us to give freely, we aren’t able to take what we have accumulated on earth with us into heaven.  Let us not be attached to our worldly belongings but be concerned and worried about our friends, neighbours and people in need.

Thank YOU Lord for blessing me with a job, I am so grateful that I am able to start work again.  Thank YOU LORD Jesus.  Amen

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