Pressed in and see what God has for me beyond this gate [Jesus]

Praise be to the Lord Jesus for another day.  My life I surrender into His hands, my thoughts and my mind.  My words and all I do belongs to You, Lord Jesus.

Worshiping Your Holy Name, I praise You Lord Jesus.  My life is worthless and not even worthy of saying Your Name.  My best efforts are like dust.  I thank You, today for my life.  Lord, I thank You, today for the opportunity to praise Your Holy Name.  I thank You for the good things You give to me generously.

I am one with You Lord Jesus, You are living in me right now.  Help me, Lord to press in and see what You have for me beyond this gate.  I am trusting in You, knowing You are with me.

Lord teach me to be kinder, teach me to listen and pay attention.  Lord help me to understand and see people through Your eyes.  Lead me in the way You have for me.

Touch the lives of the people reading my blog.  Bless them and guide them, give them understanding and wisdom for the day ahead of them.  Lord, You are my Lord and Saviour.  I love You.

Praise Your Holy Name, let all the nations of this world praise You.  Lord, You are wonderful, mighty and awesome.  We love You Lord.

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