3 Hurdles Christian face

Romans 12 : 11 – 12 “Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.  Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulations, be constant in prayer.”

1.      Hope

For a moment or a couple of days I was not focusing on the Lord and I was looking at my circumstances.  I was fearful of the situation and worried about the consequences of this circumstances I was facing.  Most of which of course was in my mind and not truly in the physical.  

After a while it struck me that I had to face the situation and believe and trust in the Lord I serve.  I let go of my emotional uncertainty and decided to focus on the Lord.  I have no idea what will happen but in the meantime I am trusting in the Lord to sort this situation and circumstances out for me.  Now I am rejoicing in the hope.

2.      Tribulation – Trying experience

‘Be patient in tribulation’ to my mind I have mastered this part in my working world to such an extent I don’t know when to let go.  I have been in such difficult circumstances that I believe it was meant that I was to resign my position but was just not focused on the difficulties I was facing.  I stood on the ‘Word of God’ and never allowed it to hurt or harm me.

Thinking about it reminds of a saying ‘if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen’.  To mind I have been in really heated situations and just stood fast.

I was steadfast in that I didn’t allow the person or persons bringing the tribulation or trying times on my work situation to get the better of me.  I kept on trusting and focusing on the Lord my God.

3.      Prayer

‘Be constant in prayer’ is one of the other hurdles as a Christian I learned the hard way.  We have to train ourselves to pray and when things go wrong we want to start praying.  The problem with that is we don’t get the results we wish for and then give up in praying.

Pray while I walk in the shopping center, pray while I am deciding on what to buy for dinner and pray for my family and friends.  I pray for the lives of the people I feel are important to me.

To recap, we all need hope and yes we all face difficult and trying time which activates our prayer lives.  Take up the challenge with me and start praying don’t give up.

You are a blessing to me, thank you for reading my thoughts around hurdles I face many times.


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