“Give an account of yourself to God.”

Romans 14: 12 AMP

“So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.”

I get so irritated when I know someone is shirking their responsibilities.  Posing the quest "why haven't you done this?"  Their response is "I do not know."

The sad part is they keep on getting away with "I do not know."  It makes me angry but then I read that we all are going to give an account of our own lives to God.

I have also noticed that when in a tight spot this person will start blaming the next person.  I was under the impression that so and so, was going to do this and that.  When in fact it was this person's job.

How do I deal with them?  Well, I do get angry and try and make them do whatever but it rarely works.  They manage to get out of this position. I believe they are good at manipulating the matter and me for one.
Taking responsibility for their actions is not something they deal with.  In the end, I will do whatever or someone else does. I seem to be fighting a losing battle.

Heavenly Father, Lord You know who I am referring to in this blog. Today I want to take responsibility for my own actions. Yes, I know when I am in the wrong and I realise You are in control over my life and will show me the way forward. I have been in this position for lack of responsibility and also lack of doing my best job always. Please forgive me and help me move forward in Jesus Christ name. Amen

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